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TOPIC: Feminizing Drug Regimen

#891 1 year 11 months ago Feminizing Drug Regimen


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I don't know if any of you are serious about really becoming girls, but if you are, here below is a typical transsexual MtoF feminizing medication regimen, which I pretty much followed myself:

This was taken from:

Amber Goth Blogspot

Feminising Medication Regimen
  • 4 mg Estradiol (Estrofem) (sublingually - under the tongue) daily – one in morning, one in evening
  • Two 50ug (mcg) Estradiol (Estrodot) patches applied weekly Saturday morning and Tuesday evening, or any other two days in the week, three and a half days apart - but stick to the same days each week.
  • 5 mg Finsasteride in the morning (in the U.K., you can get this from your G.P. on the NHS, if you have a dodgy prostate - BHP - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).
  • 25 mg Spironolactone (Spirotone) in morning, 25 mg Spironolactone in evening
  • - building up to 50 mg Spironolactone in morning, 50 mg Spironolactone in evening after 6 weeks.
  • (Optional) Progestin : 5 mg daily for 10 days at beginning of the month.


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor or medically trained. You should NOT start taking feminizing hormones unless you are absolutely sure you want to do this. In my case it came from somewhere so deep down in my psyche and subconscious that it was inevitable that I would do it eventually.

It SHOULD be done under medical supervision. If you don't want your transition to be medicalised and controlled by an 'expert' gender identity clinic, involving psycho-sexual psychiatrists and psychologists, endocrinologists and SRS/GRS surgeons, whether private (or if you are in the U.K., at an NHS clinic such as the one at Charing Cross Hospital), you can obtain the feminising hormones from a reputable Internet supplier such as InHousePharmacy - I can recommend this company without reservation. They deliver anywhere in the world, it's the real proprietary medicine, and thay are prompt and reliable on delivery. In the U.K., you may have to pay 20% V.A.T. plus £8 handling charge to the Post Office when you import the drugs, but it is quite hit and miss whether the Post Office charges these import duties and handling fees. The last two deliveries from InHouse Pharmacy I had to pay it, but on the most recent one I didn't, so it seems to depend on the efficiency (or otherwise) of the local Post Office, and maybe what mood they are in.

It is wonderful and truly liberating that one can control one's own feminizing drug regimen, and it has only been possible to do this since the advent of the Internet - certainly no one could do it in the 1970s, 1980s,or 1990s - or I might have started a lot sooner.

BUT, and here is a very important point, you should still at least tell your G.P. what you are taking, in case there is any conflict with other medication. My G.P. (a woman, fortunately), knows what I am doing, and so far she has been pretty good about it, though I am waiting to see what she says about the full transsexual drug regimen, as above. She probably won't be that pleased, as taking female hormones has well-known risks associated with it for women or men. If becoming the woman you have always felt yourself to be is important enough to you, you will no doubt proceed in spite of the risks - but be aware of them.

I was surprised to realise recently, looking back on my invoices from Inhouse Pharmacy that I have been taking female hormones for over 5 years, so I guess it's not surprising that I have boobs and a curvy shape - my hips have broadened, and my fat distribution is pretty female - my arms and legs look feminine, and it has also feminised my face.

I did not begin with the full pre-SRS MtoF transsexual feminising regimen as above, but started with just 2 mg of Estradiol (Estrofem or Progynova) for most of that time, building up to 4 mg per day. That is enough to promote breast growth - you start to see the difference after 6-9 months.

I was lucky in that I started with a fairly un-masculine body to begin with - I an not that tall, I can wear a normal female size of shoes, and I have always had broad hips and rather narrow shoulders, and not much musculature - so my body lapped up the female hormones from the beginning. I am also blonde, which means that body hair has not been a great problem, and it has now reduced to a female level anyway.

I have had quite a lot of laser hair removal treatments to get rid of facial hair, and can now manage with only light foundation or no foundation at all. I will probably also have to have electrolysis eventually to get rid of the remaining facial hair, as I want to look as natural a woman as possible. I would love also to have facial feminisation surgery, but I am frightened to do it.

My wife says she likes my face the way it is, and it is reasonably feminine, I guess. I can walk down a pretty busy shopping street in central Manchester without attracting any attention, as I did last week, when I got some lovely new clothes in a big Marks and Spencers, incuding a light cool cotton summer skirt, a couple of tops, and a really nice denim bag, trimmed with leather. I also bought a classic black cardigan with a button yoke (cardigans seem to be back in fashion, with this Sixties Revisited thing), and my wife has taken it over, as it fits her better than me! Most of the stuff was from M & S's 'Indigo' range.

I am able to go shopping en femme with my wife, and I don't get stared at. I guess I just look like a woman. My wife says when we are shopping and she looks round, she just sees another woman - and doesn't always realise it's me! There is nothing illegal about wearing women's clothes - half the population of the world do it anyway, and more and more folk born with XY chromosomes are also choosing to dress and live as women. And why not?

I have my own shoulder length blonde hair, and so don't have to wear a wig, and my boobs are big enough to give me some cleavage if I wear something low-cut. But I dress sensibly, and wear what other women around my age wear. It's great to be able to spend as long as I want looking at lingerie and women's clothes and shoes without feeling embarrassed! I have VISA debit and credit cards in my female name, so paying is no problem. I am working hard on developing a feminine voice - more on this is a future blog.
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Several years ago my therapist told me that I would have to live as a woman for 1 year before I could undergo hormone treatment.
The problem was I could not pass at all. I knew I would be miserable for that whole year being clocked and ridiculed on a daily basis.
I sought advice from other girls and decided to try the herbal route to see if it might help feminize me before taking the plunge.
I met a real nice lady on the internet from California and she told me she transitioned completely on herbal products and she was gorgeous!
I went to the health food store and bought some estrogen pills and creams they sell to post-menopausal women.
She told me to take twice the recommended dose which I did and I couldn't believe it. Within a few hours my nipples began to tingle.
I also changed my diet to include lots of phyto-estrogen's. Lots of soy etc.
I rubbed the estrogen cream all over my body twice a day as well.
Within a few weeks my breasts began to bud. And they felt wonderful. I could't stop playing with them!
So many good things were happening to my body in such a short time. I thought I was on my way.
Then life hit me with a load.
I came out to a co-worked and told her I planned on transitioning and was going to continue working. She told the bosses and I was fired for no good reason other than they did not want to deal with this in their workplace.
Without a job and without money I couldn't afford my therapy or the pills.
Worse I had to live as a man with some pretty substantial breast growth while trying to find another job.
As much as I didn't want to I had to reverse what I had already done. I got a minimum wage job and again went to the health food store. Turns out they sell anti-estrogen pills as well.
Within a few months of working out and taking the pills I was pretty much back in man mode.
Now that things are stabilized for me financially I am thinking about the best way to go about the whole process.
The reality is I need FFS and that is what I am going to get first and foremost.
After that I will feel much more comfortable living as the woman I was meant to be.
In the past few years I have learned just how dangerous and complicated HRT can be. I have known girls that have died from blood clots and others that were emotional wrecks as their doctors tried to find the exact right dosages for them.
I think the best route for me at this time is to feminize as much as I can through surgery and to use the herbals to help soften the rough edges.
Going on HRT is a huge step. Be careful girls and find the best doctor you can...
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I've recently been thinking about going on puereria mirifica (?) It's a little tough to find, but supposedly great for breast growth. Honestly, I'd be fine with just a B-cup or something, I just want to amp up my nipple sensitivity.
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My doctor has me on 8 mg of Estradoil and 50mg of Spironolactone. Breasts are growing nicely. Skin feels so soft all over especially legs. I take one full aspirin a day per doctor prolly for clot prevention.
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Spironolactone is okay. I've never seen anyone mention Lupron Depot, which is the best drug for shutting down testosterone production. I wish Inhouse Pharmacy sold it. It's not exactly cheap, but it looks to have fewer side effects than Spironolactone.
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In a perfect world everybody who transitioned would do it the "right" way through therapists and doctors. The reason for that is simple. Your doctor can monitor your blood levels and make sure the hormones aren't hurting your organs in any major way. If there's a problem, they can alter dosages or even change what you are taking to block your T or raise E levels.

Plus, a therapist can help you understand what you are going through and if it really is Gender Dysphoria and help you work through issues that maybe efecting you mentally. This is in a perfect world.

I have met girls who are self medicating and look fabulous. They did it for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its cheaper to just get what you need and do it yourself. Not everybody has an infinite supply of money for doctors and therapist visits, and even if it's not too expensive, it's too much for some.

From what I understand, the in house pharmacy link in Lauren's post is a good source for your supply. Never went there, but I hear good things.

I didn't see this link, so I'll throw it in here. It is useful for those doing it themselves, though IT IS NOT official medical advice:

I can't emphasize this enough, you should do this through the proper channels. It's the safest way to do it.

If you aren't, keep a journal handy and write down how you are feeling mentally and physically as you do this. Take note if you aren't feeling right, and get yourself checked out. Get your blood work done when possible to make sure levels are where they should be. Just be careful. I understand why some will do this, and I don't judge. While there are successes, some girls have hurt themselves or even died by doing this without supervision.

I find what Lacey says to be fascinating. They want you to live a year as a woman, and not everybody can deal with the constant crap you get. "Fag!" "Freak!" and hate like that, or the perv who wants to get into your panties. I guess I qualify for the year, because it's been close to five. I present. I don't give a damn about "pass" because I'm not taking a damn test. I need to work on my look though. I'm a work in progress.

The debate of pharmaceutical hormones vs herbal has herbal being called fake and not real. Well, that's just bull crap too. It does work, but it doesn't work as fast in many cases. I'm on an herbal regiment myself, and at half dose (due to money) it has done wonders for me in my breast area and other parts of my body. I can tell the difference, and I'm happy. Work in progress.

The tingle you describe I have felt for almost four years now, especially in the morning. I was after Gro Bust and couldn't find it at GNC. I was told it was the best, but they had Natural Curves. I was skeptical and left, but I went back and bought some. Within a night, I had this tingling in my breasts. I was just going to take it that month and see, but within a few days I knew I'd wanted more.

Two years ago I added Feminol and Evanesce and some menopause herbal pills from Rite Aid, and things gradually started to change in my butt, lower back and hip area. I wish I could do the full doses they recommend at the Evanesce site, because these work for me. Others may be different. I also eat somewhat healthy and no caffine, smoking and only rarely drink alcohol.

I'm sorry Lacey had to go through that discrimination when I know transitioning didn't effect how she could do her job. Laws are slowly changing and would change faster if LGB wasn't constantly throwing the T under the bus after they get theirs : (

That last little bit in Lacey's post of cautionary info about self medicating is VERY important. If at all possible, get a therapist and see a doctor. We want you to live long enough to enjoy the changes you will see and become the woman you know you are inside.
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